The making of ‘n Fairy African Site

I cannot help to recite William Wordsworth’s poem everytime I say “ourcloud”. I like the way the words sound themselves out of my mouth, but most of all I like the dreaminess of the idea. “I wandered lonely as a cloud…”

Oh, the possibilities! But the only lonely and dreamy thing about our cloud, is just the very first moment of its conception. That moment fades away into oblivion… That particular moment the idea-getter can seldom recall, because that’s simply how an idea works: it is born…and then it balloons, blossoms, mushrooms, and explodes!

So I imagine that is how our writer, Celeste, and later her whole team, felt when they contemplated another story about South Africa. Visualising all the things we know and love so well. Making pictures in their minds, floating on their cloud of creativity, making a plan to do all the same things, but completely differently. It started small…

That is how this:


The First Draft and Name

became this:


The Second Draft and Name

and finally this:


The story of the fairy godmother and the tooth fairy, who have the time of their lives on a very unusual cloud. On this cloud, they row their way through cyber space and discover a country that takes their breath away: South Africa as seen through the eyes of a hopeful, energetic generation.

I am sure any lonely wanderer would have been eager to make a stop and get off his cloud at one of the vibrant, diverse local is lekker destinations. Loneliness is definitely not a part of who we South Africans are. We have come a long way to create a new, ever blossoming and very real story. Thank you Hermanus Primary for your awesome learners and teachers who floated, stormed and rained with us!

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