Audition Tips


You saw the ad. You’re in two minds… Tip number one:

Go for it! If you are available on rehearsal and performance dates, be brave and take the plunge. If the ad spoke to you in that special ticklish place in your gut, this is your chance.

2. Make sure you know what the requirements are, and that you can fulfil it. In our case, we need:

  • a talented performer, with or without experience – we will teach and guide an eager and willing ┬ásoul.
  • someone who’s available to rehearse and perform in the mornings, because that’s when we do our thing, and we cannot negotiate with our audience about this.
  • someone who can speak afrikaans and english fluently, because we need our audience to understand us.
  • someone with transport.

3. Be on time, because first impressions last. In the world of a traveling theatre troupe, hiring rehearsal space is a huge thing. If you are late, it costs money, so be considerate, responsible and show up on time.

4. Come prepared. This links up with the previous point. If you are expected to perform, but you present excuses instead, you are wasting time and money. Remember: a flawless performance is not necessarily required, it is more about the effort you put in and the promise and possibility we see in you.┬áSpeak loudly, clearly and present a creative, interesting character. This is children’s theatre, so we need energy and imagination.

5. Do your best.

6. Enjoy it. We love what we do, and it will be a priviledge to share it with someone new!

Visit our website for more info and to book your audition time: