Play Your Part: drama classes

It’s about talking. Oh yes, and thinking. And of course acting on your thoughts.

But what if I’m thinking wrong? Then everything I do will also be wrong! What if I am unacceptable?

That is what it’s not about. It isn’t about who’s right. It is not about convincing everyone to think the same thoughts. It is not about putting you into a box.

What it’s about is finding your own voice. It’s about understanding where your thoughts come from, and where they can go. It’s exploring your surroundings so that you might predict the outcome of your actions.

But what if –

That’s just it. What if everyone had his own voice, and appreciate all the other voices that surround him, even if they are not the same? What if you could stand confidently in your truth and fill the space?

What if you could learn to play your part.

Come join our drama classes at Hermanus Primary and Hermanus Montessouri.



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