The Purpose

Put a bunch of artists in a room to talk about business, and then ask them to define “purpose”. A few moments of uncharacteristic silence.


Artists usually have quite a lot to say about purpose, because that’s the very thing that motivates us to create. It’s our voice. Our reason. Our message. But put it in the same sentence as “business”, and you’ve got us stunned for a moment.
Art and Business are not traditional partners. Art is something you suffer for, while business is what we all prefer our children to be good at.

BASA asked that very question at their Established Education Programme workshop 2017, and I can confidently tell you what Story Team’s purpose is:
It is operating in that sweet spot where the talents of our team members align perfectly with the desires we have for our company, and comes into fulfilment in the projects we undertake.

Figuring out your personal purpose, and matching it with your professional one, is a wonderful priviledge. Earning your money, while living out your passion. Wow.


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