This is a vibrant time for us. Our business is alive and kicikin’ with new little members to our story family, the Overberg is covered with our touring truck’s tracks…

grondpad Ceres kerk Oop pad

But we are not the only ones bejizzling with energy. Our country is streaming the vibes of its people. We are burning and begging for water from the outside, but we are anxiously shuffling on the rushing tide from below.


Something is happening, change is coming…

Change has always been there, ready for the taking. Even taken by some. But now it has built up under the surface of our understanding of the rainbow.


Many seasons’ evaporated forgives and forgets have condensed under the coarse earth of our organic truth: everything must change.


That’s the easiest and the hardest part. For everything to change, you need only change yourself. And if you are comfortably set in your ways, or have given up trying to be someone you’re not, there is still hope! Your willingness to make that change is the first step, and then the Truth will set you free. Do it. Take the change. Take charge and let it happen.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Taking charge while letting go at the same time. It’s like the waves of the ocean, rolling in and out; everchanging while essentially remaining the same. What a story! We are all vibrating with the possibility to tell an unforgettable tale of triumph and change.


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