About Leadership

If you were a teen in the late 80’s and early 90’s, you’ve probably also been boxed into one of the four personality quadrants: sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic or choleric. And lo and behold if you didn’t fit the choleric mold, because then leadership was definitely not in your future! And we know what happens if we believe we are – or not –  something…

That is how I became the perfect follower. For years I worked hard at moulding my emotional tendencies into something resembling the choleric, and was always very aware of the Frankensteinish outcome.

And then I realised leadership has little to do with personalities, and more with attitudes. Attitudes based on characteristics that one can acquire. Yes, you can learn it. And of course practise it.

That is what we aim to do with our TIE-programme , sponsored by the ATKV. We use the all-encompassing art of theatre to demonstrate the concept of leadership, and open up a conversation about it. Because we live in a country of hope, with young people ready and hungry to reclaim their potential; to awaken to their slumbering leadership.

So who is a leader?

One of the guys?

One of the guys?

The hard worker or the rebel?

The hard worker or the rebel?

A leader is a person who takes responsibility for his decisions and acts with everyone’s best interests at heart. He can stop, think and then do the right thing. A leader might look like this:

Learners from De Bron in Stanford

or Learners from De Bron in Stanford

Learners from Gansbaai Laerskool

Learners from Gansbaai Laerskool

Gansbaai Primer

Gansbaai Primer

and Laerskool Okkie Smuts

and Laerskool Okkie Smuts in Stanford

Times have changed. Your personality doesn’t include or exclude you from a leadership position, only your willingness to learn and practice the necessary skills.

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