Storiemakers never die



andre p 4


André P. Brink left us on Friday and we feel deprived. Deprived of a timeless, courageous spirit. He told us what we didn’t want to know, but are so glad that we do know now.

“Woorde is nog daar, ek moet skryf,” he told his wife.

And that is what why we morn the loss, but celebrate the legend. We will never know what stories were still hidden in his pen, but we’ll never forget the characters and lives he leaves behind.

The significance of a storymaker is in the truth he leaves behind. The stories that make us recognize ourselves and feel compassion for our neighbours. It makes us see the potential that lies beneath the surface of every person we encounter. It makes us contemplate the value of our own stories, and gives us the courage to share it too.

“Om hierdie liggaam met sy ledemate – selfs met die kneusplekke wat oorgebly het, selfs met die behoue pyn – jaloers te bewaar, maagdelik vir die dood wat dit moet neem.” (Kennis van die Aand, Andre P. Brink)

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